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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Primary Educators League Responds to Sr. Fran Donnelly's Accusation

(E-mail sent to Sr. Fran Donnelly ( and Sharon Tomlin ( on Thursday, March 23rd. The e-mail below was in response to Sr. Fran's e-mail (posted here) to all main parish contacts re: VIRTUS that had been sent out earlier on Thursday. Note, there has been no response to these questions raised below).

Dear Sr. Fran and Sharon,

Good afternoon. I understand that you sent an e-mail this afternoon stating that "there appears to be yet another round of inaccurate information" and that, "there are parent meetings being held around the Archdiocese sponsored by the '' group. While they may be well-intentioned, there are flaws and misinformation in their presentation."

Please let me know what is not accurate in our presentation. We are not trying to be confrontational but rather we're trying to provide accurate and factual information for parents and pastors to help them protect God's children.

You have also mentioned that, " my knowledge, the Archbishop remains firm in his approval of the recommended curriculum, as outlined at the February10, 2006 Leadership Meeting, the February 16, 2006 issue of The Catholic Spirit, and as outlined on theArchdiocesan Website."

Primary Educators has not stated that the Archbishop has changed his mind on the recommended curriculum, nor have we said that he recommends another program such as "Formation in Christian Chastity." We've only stated what was stated at the Feb. 10th meeting and what has been in writing published from the Archdiocese...pastors may petition the Archbishop to use another program so long as it meets the requirements of the Charter/Article 12.
You further state that
"Those few parishes and schools who have or will receive approval to use other curricula are receiving Archbishop Flynn's permission to go outside of the approved and recommended curriculum. Archbishop Flynn has not added more choices to his recommended list! There is a difference!"
There is a difference...we're not saying there are more programs that are recommended...but we are saying he has approved FICC for some parishes and schools.
Again you state

"I would like to remind all of you that Archbishop Flynn's expectation is that all school and parish religious education leaders and their pastors will view the materials first hand before making their decision to not use the recommended curriculum. It is not enough to have read or hear about the curricula from other sources. We have concerns that some may be just presuming it is OK to use other curriculum without having previewed the recommended ones and perhaps even without communicating with the Archbishop at all. I would strongly recommend that you have a conversation with your pastor, so that you and he have the same understanding."

After reading this last paragraph, how am I to explain how
Providence, Holy Family Academy, and Holy Trinity have already received written approval? They did not view all the material. Other parishes will likely be approved this week. They have not seen all the material...and yet, the Archbishop gave his approval.

How many priests and DREs have come down to St. Paul to view the curriculum?

How is one suppose to take the Archbishop's words (posted
here) with what you just sent out on e-mail? The Archbishop himself said, "they have a number of options to choose from." If the plan is as you've described it, there are two options...either TAT or the KidWISE fair as the alternative. There are not a "number" of options unless the Archbishop means he's approved other programs.

Can I ask what is your response if someone calls down to your office to ask if "Formation in Christian Chastity" is an approved program? The answer would be "yes," wouldn't it? It's not a "recommended" program, but you would tell them it's "approved" wouldn't you?

Lastly, can you let me know what, besides "Formation in Christian Chastity" has also been approved?

Thanks for your consideration.

Primary Educators League


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