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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Planned Parenthood - Pastor Pack Info; FICC Article - The Catholic Servant

Dear parents,

Three key points to pass along:

1) An excellent FICC article that was published in last week's Catholic Servant by Barb Ernster. Please share this with your pastors and key decision makers at your parish. It will give further credibility to our effort here despite what chancery officials are saying.

2) A flyer announcing the meeting on Thursday, March 30th. Thank you for distributing this to as many people as possible.

3) A document from the presentation that provides the key points Planned Parenthood recommends our children should know from ages 5-7 regarding their sexuality.

Please read this in context of your understanding of the VIRTUS Parent's Guide as well as the information you've learned about "Talking About Touching." (In case you've misplaced your VIRTUS Parent's Guide, you can find it here). We're not saying Planned Parenthood had a hand in the creation of the VIRTUS guide or TAT, but it is not hard to see some of the common themes that run throughout all these programs.Note: if you have distributed Pastor Packs, please note that the Planned Parenthood information was not included. (It was included in the Parent's Pack). If you'd like to share this with your pastor, please go ahead and do so.

Lastly, since we are a small but growing group of people, please pass this information along. So far there are 128 people who have signed up to receive these e-mails. Please encourage others to join the list so we can improve communications and broaden our reach. They can sign up at the web site.

When the chancery sends out communication, it goes out to several hundred people including pastors, DREs, key education personnel and VIRTUS coordinators. We have a ways to go to spread the word on "safe environments." Your help is greatly appreciated!

Protecting God's Children,

Primary Educator's League


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