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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Opting out of "Safe Environments" Programs...Must Parents Sign an Opt Out Form?

Many parents have been contacting us wondering whether or not they should sign an official document that their schools are demanding they sign in they are going to withhold their children from the "safe environments" instruction.

It's important to note that the USCCB relaxed requirements recently regarding this exact situation. We posted a blog entry here which contains the original Catholic News Service story about the bishops relaxing their auditing requirements.

According to the information out of the USCCB as reported by the Catholic News Service, parents are not required to sign a document stating that they are opting their child out of the program.

By signing the opt-out form, parents may be exposing themselves to legal liability at some future date. Give it some serious thought before you decide whether or not to sign the paper opting your child out of these lesson plans. What are they going to do...kick your child out of school? If they threaten that, please let us know.

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