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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Rant

I'm rather confused about the actions of the chancery of late.
I know the Church educates through letters & encyclicals, through the pulpit and through special programs for adults (such as CCD or adult education classes).
I know that parents educate in the home and through the proxy of teachers within the parochial, private, or public school systems.
Why won’t the Church adopt a program to teach parents and the teachers who act as proxies in order that they can better teach their children? Why are they pushing a program that seems so contrary to what we are about as parents?

Here's an idea, create a program that disseminates the teaching documents that are already out there!

Such a program could involve a five part organization.
First, the issuing of a letter on the part of the USCCB or individual bishops advocating Church teaching about human sexuality.
Second, consistent and frequent teaching of the Church’s position on human sexuality from the pulpit. Forego the exegesis of the texts for a time and other social concerns and concentrate instead on disseminating the knowledge of what the Church teaches.
Third, offer programs through parishes which focus on educating adults in the teachings of the Church.
Fourth, insist that all teachers within the parochial schools teach this program faithful to the Church’s views on human sexuality.
Fifth, encourage parents to teach their children according to a program faithful to the Church.

Why doesn't the diocese do this? Why are they pushing on us a program like "Talking About Touching"? They don't have any kids and yet they presume to force me to teach something I would never allow into my home? Here I've been trying to help my kids grow up free from the crud on TV the looseness of advertising barrages, the titillation of popular music, doing my best on a tight schedule and budget to really keep them as happy, pure, and good as I can and instead of helping me in this job the chancery, the diocese offers something that is a hindrance to my job as a parent? A program upon which I was never consulted? A program which undermines what I've been trying to do for these last 10 years? And demanding that I teach it to my kids? And making it difficult not to teach it? And making it difficult for me to see how bad it is? Like they're sneaking through the back door to snatch my little ones while I'm busy trying to keep the house together?

What NERVE! How dare they presume to usurp my role!

I trust in the parochial system, I trust in the goodness and universality of the Church, I trust in the inherent goodness of each human person... but this galls me like nothing else. The sheer arrogance of it all. And treating me like I have no say simply because I'm a layperson and a parent? ...


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