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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First Principles: an answer to the pro-TAT lobby

How is it that certain Catholic clergy have chosen to use the same tools as Planned Parenthood and SIECUS to fight child sex abuse? Is it possible that Catholics are fighting the same battle as Planned Parenthood and SIECUS? The first or fundamental principles which are the basis for action according to Catholic moral theology seem incongruous to those principles employed by Planned Parenthood and SIECUS. Don't Catholics accept the first principle of the Natural Law, which, according to St. Thomas Aquinas, is that Good is to be done and Evil to be avoided? Don't Catholics accept that certain actions are intrinsically (by their nature) Good, while others are intrinsically Evil?
Protecting our children is an act which the Church considers intrinsically good. Aborting our children is an example of an act which the Church considers intrinsically evil. Again, Catholics believe that the act of sexually abusing a child is intrinsically evil. But Planned Parenthood and SIECUS do not seem to believe in intrinsically evil acts at all. According to these organizations, there are no intrinsically disordered acts with regard to human sexuality. Rather they seem to hold that child sex abuse is unacceptable, because it is not consensual.

According to their own admission in their Guidelines for the Education Children, Planned Parenthood suggests that young children (before age five) are to seek privacy to touch their sexual organs for pleasure, but are to say “no” to sexual practices that hurt or are uncomfortable. The guidelines for children ages 15 to 18 are all about consent: the idea being that “if it feels good, do it.” If an individual consents to an act, according to these principles, then it is acceptable, and may even be good.

If an individual consents to an action, even one that hurts or is damaging, Planned Parenthood would be unable to proclaim that action as evil. All manner of atrocities, even the seduction of young boys by older men, are permissible if mutual consent and not intrinsic good is the basis for right and wrong. This absurd position is born out even in our current system of law as testified by this article at Concerned Women for America.

How can Catholics be fighting the same battle as Planned Parenthood or SIECUS when Catholics believe in intrinsic evil and Planned Parenthood does not? Catholics seem to be fighting anything that mars the true and complete dignity of the human person, particularly the special dignity of innocent children, while Planned Parenthood is fighting anything that hampers complete sexual license.

For many years the homosexual lobby has also fought to break down the barriers which hamper sexual license (see this article for pro-homosexual promotion of “safe environments”). They too have seen that the substitution of the system of intrinsic goods with the system of mutual consent might prove victorious in this fight. Proclaiming sexual acts as good or bad based only on mutual consent and not on a principle of intrinsic good places Planned Parenthood, SIECUS and the homosexual lobby in the same camp antithetical to authentic Church teaching. The tools developed in this camp, such as “Talking About Touching,” seem not only contrary to the battle which Catholics are fighting but also pose a grave and serious threat to the Church’s continual proclamation of the dignity of the human person.

The “Talking About Touching” program is deeply flawed. It is founded upon and answers to the despairing values of the radically secular world whose only truth seems the truth of mutual consent. No amount of “Catholic window dressing” can obscure that reality. Child sex abuse must be stopped, not because it makes children feel bad or even ‘unsafe’, but because it is objectively, intrinsically evil. We need tools in this fight such as the “Formation in Christian Chastity” program that reflect this truth, not “Talking About Touching” which seems only to further the despair of the modern world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great thoughts, bethel. I'd like to add that even if only a few TAT lesson plans are required, schools and parishes still have to buy the whole program. That means that this PP endorsed program, which shares PP's same ideology, will now have found a home in our Catholic schools. How clever of the devil and how slickly he infiltrates! How many poorly formed teachers will take this program only to fully implement it!. Why are we doing this when there are GOOD Catholic programs with a Catholic mindset?

Thursday, March 09, 2006 1:51:00 PM  
Blogger Dr Urchin said...

Very nice.

I have copied this and posted it on the Forums for the Glenn Beck Insider website. People there may want to read it. I hope you don't mind the liberty I took in copying it. I would like as people to know more about this program (no doubt coming soon to a pre-school near them).

Warmest regards,
Dr Urchin

Saturday, March 11, 2006 10:02:00 AM  
Blogger AbecedariusRex said...

Excellent, Dr. Urchin. Keep plugging away.

Friday, March 17, 2006 5:23:00 PM  
Blogger AbecedariusRex said...

Oh, and look at Scribble Bibble.

Friday, March 17, 2006 5:24:00 PM  

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